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Women's Missionary Federation (WMF)


Maranatha is proud to have two WMF groups that meet regularly! The Morning WMF meets on the second Tuesday of each month at Maranatha, while the Evening WMF meets on the third Tuesday of each month, either at the church or in the home of a member who is hosting.


All women (members or non-members of Maranatha) are invited to either one of our WMF groups for a wonderful time of fellowship, Bible study, and a meeting.


Besides growing in our faith, a major emphasis of the WMF is serving others through various ministry opportunities:

  • On monthly basis, we support the numerous WMF Missionary Funds, such as World Missions, Home Missions, Christian Education, and WMF General Fund.

  • Each month, we send birthday cards to the AFLC missionaries and their families.

  • We also make donations to several local organization, such as Clay Country Jail Ministry, Farm in the Dell of the Red River Valley, and First Choice Clinic.

  • Projects like Samaritans Purse, May Day Baskets for members, Father's Day gifts, and Ladies Christmas Party are a passion that will draw us closer to one another and bless others as we serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

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